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    Trinity Tribune December 3d  2019  

    ​ Trinity Trading Is a full-service trading house where you can source all your frozen food needs from Fruits and vegetables, to meat, poultry and seafood .

    First off please help me welcome Paul Wong to our marketing team. Paul brings a lifetime's worth of connections in the food and foodservice industries, and will be handling clients in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.  We wish him well in this new venture with us.  You can reach Paul at pwong@trinitytrading.net or at 514-912-3332. 

    Let’s start off with our thought of the week.  





















    Now on to the offers: 

    ALL offers are subject to reconfirmation:

    Fruits & Vegetables:

    California Dreaming!: We have a list of odd lots of product here that needs to move.  Seller is looking for offers on he ones denoted by an asterisk . Be Bold.
    One the other ones, offers need to be more reasonable as they are using them, just not at the rate they would like to. All product is in CA or the Northwest.

    *Asian Pear; Slices



    $1.20/lb. FOB CA

    2018 pack

    10 kg ctns

    *Beets, Red; 3/16" Sliced



    $0.70/lb.FOB CA


    10 kg ctns

    *Bell Pepper, Red, Fire-roasted; 3/8" Strip-cut



    $1.20/lb FOB CA


    40 lb. ctns 

    Blueberries, Cultivated, Organic; Whole(B grade)



    $1.20/lb. FOB CA

    2018 pack

    13.6 kg ctns

    *Orange, Half Wheel; Slices 7 mm



    $1.50/lb. FOB CA

    2017 pack .

    20 lb ctns

    *Sugar Snap Peas



    $0.83/lb. CA

    2018 pack.

    10 kg. ctns

    Mango Pail Packed Sortouts






    10 kg. pail

    *Mango Cheeks






    30 lb.

    Mango 10mm x 10mm Dice



    $ 0.85/lb. FOB CA

    2018 pack

    30 lb. Ctns

    Northwest Raspberries



    $1.35/lb  FOB CA

    2018 pack

    30 lb. ctns 

    From China, we have IQF sliced water Chestnuts  2-4 mm.

    In 40 lbs ctns: $0.90/lb Dutty paid East coast port

    Also IQF diced onions, 10x 10 mm, 40 lbs ctns.  USD $0.36/lb Duty paid ex dock east coast.

    In 6/2.5 polybags in cartons: $0.93/lb Duty paid east coast port

    From Mexico:

    Cauliflower Florets 1’’-2 1/2’’ in Totes $0.62 per lb. FOB TX/MX border.

    We have some new offers out of Spain to share with you.  The first section of the list is Organic products, nd special prices are denoted with an asterisk. Prices are C&F East Coast Port and packed in 750 kg Octabins.  We can arrange to have them packed in 10 kg ctns for a small upcharge. 

    Organic Broccoli 40/60 :  $0.61/lb

    Organic  green peas :  $0.85/lb

    *Organic zucchini diced :  $ 0.41/lb

    *Organic zucchini sliced $ 0.45/lb

    *Organic sweet potato $ 0.525/lb

    *Organic butternut 10x10 $0.48/lb

    Organic diced carrots :         $0 .595/lb

    Organic sliced carrots :    $0.70/lb

    Organic red peppers 8/10:   $0.65/lb

    Organic yellow peppers 10x10   $0.80/lb

    On conventional items, I have available:

    *Fava Beans  at special price $0.55/lb

    Cut green beans at special price $0.45/lb

    Here are some new numbers from Egypt:

    1. IQF Strawberry whole Grade A 10kg/carton 40'FCL

        At USD $0.67/lb Duty Paid new york

     2)    IQF broccoli cut 3-5cm 10kg/carton 40'FCL

                       At USD $0.54/lb Ex dock east coast

      3 )   IQF cauliflower Whole grade A cut 3-5cm 10kg/carton 40'FCL

                     At USD $0.48/lb Ex dock east coast

              4)    IQF green beans grade A 10 kg/carton 40' FCL

                        At USD $0.48/lb Ex dock east coast

       5)   IQF Spinach grade A 10kg/ carton 40' FCL     

                     At USD $0.54/lb Ex dock east coast

       6)    IQF Carrots grade A 10 kg/ carton 40' FCL        

                      At USD $0.47/lb Ex dock east coast

             7)    IQF Carrots cubs grade A 10 kg/ carton 40' FCL   

    AT USD $0.47/lb Ex dock east coast                  


    8)   IQF Pomgranets 10kg/carton 40'FCL

                     At USD $0.48/lb Ex dock east coast



    We have Cultivated Blueberries. There is a load of smalls in Toronto for $0.81/lnb.  Specs and COA available. 2018 pack.  Don’t be afraid to approach us with a serious bid on these.

    We also have 3 loads of large Grade A in New Jersey that we can let go at $0.93.   GAPS certified, Kosher.  Specs available.

    2 loads of Grade A Cultivated, ½” and up at USD $0.94/lb FOB  MI. We have AIB, Specs Kosher and COAs.

    Grade C cultivated Blueberries,  several loads available.  Looking for $0.62/lb but would consider reasonable bids for volume.

    UPDATE: 4 LOADS LEFT !!!!!SELLER IS HIGHLY MOTIVATED! We have some  ORGANIC Aseptic pumpkin puree available, Product of USA, 2018  crop. In 2200 lbs totes.  Specs and COA available on demand. The best news of all is that we believe we cannot only  get this for you at numbers competitive with conventional , but our buyer is open to offers on this to get it out. 


    We can offer IQF small Grade A Mexican strawberries at USD $1.03/lb FOB Border for shipment in January.

    Please keep in mind  we can offer IQF Egyptian Strawberries as al alternative at more competitive pricing. It is High Brix fruit, Kosher, and has all the paperwork one could require and more.
    They come packed in 10 kg Cartons. We have some quantities already landed, but generally we are looking at a 3-4 week lead time into East Coast port.
    Give us a call so we can discuss whether this opportunity may work for you.  We have a mixed load (@ 35 000 lbs) of A and B Grade available now on the east coast, subject to final confirmation

    Meanwhile, Wild blueberry pack is all doner:
    IQF Wild Blueberries: New crop:

    We can offer Grade A Wild blueberries at $1.20/lb FOB Maine. Grae B is at $1.15/lb . Limited volumes available.  There is some Grade A Organic at $1.80/lb FOB Maine.


    Frozen Cranberries : After many tough years, Cranberry pricing has recovered to the point where it had been For years, until the mid nineties when it skyrocketed, then subsequently crashed down to earth, and hard.

    Pricing has bounced back to $0.80/lb for Canadian product and $0.69/lb for US product.   Most packers , however, are “officially” sold out, however, some US packers  are holding some stocks which they may consider releasing to serious buyers.
    Crops down between 20 and 25% this year in BC, WI, MA and NS, but good in QC.

    Cherries:  We have @ 20 000 lbs IQF RTP cherries available, 2017 pack,  in 40 lbs  cartons.  Asking $0.65/lb FOB WA, will look at bids.

    ​IQF 3/8” diced Cling peaches, product of Greece
    Packed in 10 kg ctns, Price is $0.73/lb FOB Midwest. 10 000 lbs available.

    ​​IQF Medium  Green Asparagus spears, Product of China:  L 15-17mm, Diam 8-16mm.
    Various foodservice or retail packs available.

    Price: $1.43/lb  C&F NY/Montreal .  Duties and terminals are an estimated $0.15/lb (for NY)

    IQF Green Asparagus cuts and tips:  L: 2-4 cm, Diam 8-16 mm, min 15% tips.  40 lbs bulk or Foodservice pack available. Price: $0.77/lb  C&F NY.  Duties and terminals are an estimated $0.15/lb

    Deduct $0.03/lb for West coast port.


    IQF Diced Onions: product of China, for $0.29/lb C&F NY Baltimore  (Duties and THC not incl, byut estimates at $0.06/lb) 

    If you are interested in any items on the list or have any items you would like some help moving, please contact us! Keep in mind, we are interested in LTL volumes too.
    For more details on these items, or if you have another product you need help finding in the right place at the right price, please contact us at 613-962-3327
    Don’t forget to check in with us for any of your Canadian Maple Syrup needs, Visit our  Our Maple Syrup page to learn more.
    As a trader, we can't make anything happen without you, so if you have any items you need to get moved, please send me offers, so we can help you clear your inventories.

    Make us your first call, or make us your last... Just call, you will be glad you did!
    If you missed the press deadline for this newsletter, no worries!!! Just send me your offers and they will be added on the website version!!!

    Best Regards,

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