Market Update and price list for September 13th  2021



IQF Mexican Raspberries!!:I have Mexican raspberries arriving at the border in Laredo on or around Oct. 1st.

We have clean crumbles Packed in 30 lbs cs at USD 2.05/lb and 80-20 Whole and broken in 28 lbs cs  at USD 2.55/lb FOB Laredo.

Subject to prior sale.

IQF Blackberries:  IQF Blackberries from Bulgaria. Up to 10 loads of fully certified fruit available. Since our last edition the seller has come to theirsenses and are now looking for offers in the $2.25/lb range give or take . 
Treat as highly subject, but let me know if your're interest, and we can set the process in motion. 3-4 week lead time. Pics available.

Frozen Salmon: not one of our usual items, but this offer came across my desk, and will hopefully be of interest to some of you: 

Supplier does their own hatching, growing, harvesting, and processing in Chile.  4oz Skin-On portions are a by-product of their premium smoked products.   They are fully certified Kosher, and have several pages of items certified and documented on ”.   Below are the items I need to help them move quickly.  An inspection can be scheduled for a verified prospect  in Miami.    None of this product is industrial grade, its all premium.  It can be exported as well,  


  • 4oz Skin-On Portions 10lb case - $5.46/lb (Packed 3/21 thru 6/21) *8,719 cases (10#) in Miami, 87,191 total pounds available    “KOSHER”

  • 1-2# Skin-on Trim D Side/Fillet 22.05lb case - $5.99/lb (Packed 11/20 thru 1/21)  *3,138 cases (22.05#) in Miami, 69,193 total pounds available  “KOSHER”

  • 1-2# Skin-OFF Trim E Side/Fillet  - $5.99/lb  (Packed 7/20 thru 1/21) *956 cases (22.05#) in Miami, 21,080 total pounds available

  • 4oz Skin-OFF Portions 10lb case - $7.14/lb (Packed 10/20 thru 5/21) *5,898 cases (10#) in Miami, 58,980 total pounds available

IQF Diced red bell peppers Product of Chile!: These can be yours for $0.90/lb DDP east coast port. 

  Canned Corn: We have 5 loads of canned Corn Kernels available. They are in Arabic label having been packed for the United Arab Emirates: 2023 dates green giant label that I can deliver at $9.50 per case of 24. Yes... deliver to the east coast. We have pics available. Cans are pull tab open. 

Still Available!!!:  IQF Chinese Mixed fruit blend : This product is available here and now in Warehouses in New Jersey and Florida, , so no delays, waits, expensive containers subject to availability or duties to worry about. Here we have a blend consisting of Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. Each 10 lbs ctn consists of 25% of each fruit. It has become available due to cancelled orders from a cruise line, on account of COVID. 
We have photos available. 
There are 3850 cs available in New Jersey, and 1200 cs in Florida. 
Price is $1.18/lb FOB.... ex warehouse, all duties, etc paid. It is here no so no lead time!

We also have some other frozen fruits and vegetable lots available, from China, Again this is available in the here and now at US warehouses. 

In Houston (unless otherwise indicated)::
IQF White diced Onions in 30 lbs ctns  $0.68/lb  
IQF White diced Onions in 20 lbs ctns  $0.68/lb
IQF White diced Onions in 20 lbs ctns  $0.65/lb FOB Miami, 1800 cs arriving Oct. 1st
IQF Red  diced Onions in 30 lbs ctns  $0.82/lb
IQF  diced red pepper in 20 lbs ctns  $0.92/lb
IQF  diced Green peppers in 30 lbs ctns  $0.85/lb
IQF  diced Green peppers in 30 lbs ctns  $0.78/lb  FOB Miami 1800 cs arriving Oct. 4th 
IQF Cut Corn in 30 lbs ctns  $0.78/lb
IQF Diced Carrots in 30 lbs ctns  $0.68/lb
IQF  diced celery in 30 lbs ctns  $0.78/lb FOB Miami 1380 cs arriving Oct 4th
IQF whole peeled garlic cloves in 30 lbs ctns  $1.25/lb

All offers subject to reconfirmation . 

Frozen Superior Cranberries, Whole, : We can offer a couple of loads of Whole Superior Cranberries for immediate shipment. These will be packed in 40 lbs ctns. Asking $0.76/lb  FOB  Quebec. 

Cultivated Blueberries: I have 20 pallets of Grade A Canadian cultivated blueberries  available.  They are in 30 lbs ctns, Grade A. 
please call to discuss pricing. 

Wild Blueberries: Stay tuned for imminent update. 

Frozen Cultivated Blueberries:  We Can offer IQF Grade B or better blueberries at $1.27/lb FOB Georgia. Pleae let me know if theres interest. 

IQF Strawberries: Great opportunity!! What are you waiting for? You will not be able to beat these prices on High Brix fruit from the land of the Pyramids. 

From Egypt, we can offer IQF Strawberries as follows.  
IQF 20-50mm over High Brix @ .87/lb
IQF 20-50mm typical brix @ .85/lb
This product is offered based on FOB Northeaset  Pics and specs available upon request. Next arrivals week of August 13th-18th. Subject to prior sale. 

Turkish Strawberries: 

IQF Strawberries, Sliced, B Grade.  (Multiple Loads Per Location)

$1.25/lb. FOB CA & TX Warehouse


IQF Strawberries, Whole, B Grade.  (80 MT Prompt + 250 MT from origin)

$1.158lb. FOB Port Canaveral FL


Org IQF Strawberries, Medium, Whole, A Grade.  (400 MT)

*$1.65-1.71CFR US Port (Duty Paid/Custom Cleared)


Organic IQF Strawberries, Bits & Pieces, <8mm sieve. (100 MT)

*$0.95-$1.00/lb. CFR US Port (Duty Paid/Custom Cleared)

Turkish DSP Cherries: 


IQF DS Cherries, Pitted, Whole, Dark Sweet Cherries.  (See Below Notes)

Organic, Pitted, Whole (1000 MT)…………. $1.62-1.67/lb. CFR US Port (Duty Paid/Custom Cleared)

Conventional, Pitted, Whole (250 MT)………….. $1.42-1.47/lb. CFR US Port (Duty Paid/Custom Cleared)

*Specifications Available Upon Request*

*Prices on Turkish product  quoted are based on current ocean freight rates and subject to change*

*Ranges are given and vary due to requested port of entry (eg. Newark, Savannah, Miami, Houston, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, Etc.)*

*All Offers Subject to final confirmation & prior sale*

IQF Frozen Vegetables : Due to a discontinued product line, a major  frozen entrée manufacturing plan
t ihas made the following frozen vegetables  available fWe are looking for offers on these FOB LA area warehouse. 
IQF 1” Cut Green Beans
- 73,950 lbs packed in net 50 lb cases
- packed by Norpac:
              34,350 lbs packed 7/24 & 7/25/2019
              39,600 lbs packed 3/18/2020
IQF 3/8” Diced Red Bell Peppers
- 15,600 lbs packed in net 50 lb cases
- 2 packers:
              10,300 lbs packed by Eckert on 9/17/2020
              5,300 lbs packed by GC Farms on 11/5/2019
IQF Cut Corn (Jubilee)
-  16,840 lbs packed in totes
-  packed by Pasco on 8/7 & 8/18/2019
IQF 3/8” Diced Organic Roasted Crimini Mushrooms
- 3,480 lbs packed in net 40 lb cases
- packed by The Mushroom Company (TMC) on 8/5/19; 7/10/20; 11/11/20

we have spot opportunity on:


7,619lbs(432 cartons) of 2020 crop, Belgian origin, IQF cut baby carrots, packed in 8x1kg at USD 0.32/lb FOB Ingersoll, ON

Customer rejected this volume due to “freezer-burn” appearance but packer advises the product would be fine after cooking. Photos below.

The carrots are not glazed which is why they have a whitish appearance.

No micro issues. We have photos available if you want to take it to the next step. 

IQF Peaches: Product of China. In light of the peach shortage in Greece we can help by offering IQF Chinese diced Cling peaches as follows. 

IQF Yellow Peach Dice 10x10mm, 10kg/ctn: 
                                                                     1. $1.16/lb ex dock Seattle
                                                                     2. $1.375 ex dock  New York
Because of the current shortage of containers and the serious increase in sea freight rates, the specific CFR price can only be determined after the actual booking of shipping space. The sea freight from Qingdao to Seattle this week is $9000 per container, to New York is $17000 per container, for your reference. If you have a delivery plan, please make a decision early.

We have the following Mango Products to offer from Mexico. 
5 loads of 1360cs. IQF Mango Chunks ¾” @ 0.98/lb FOB McAllen,TX border- Tommy Variety, Mexico 2021 crop- brix 12 and up.
5 loads  of 1360cs. IQF Mango Diced 3/8” @ 1.02/lb FOB McAllen,TX border- Tommy Variety brix 11 and up.

We have been offered the following Mango product: as it is past the best by date and in my opinion, it also appears that it thawed slightly and was refrozen, so it is possible that it is blocked.  If yuou have any interest in this, please let me know what price level it would need to be at:n 

IQF Mango Kent Pieces and Bits

    • 30 lb. cases

    • 1,300 cases available

    • Best by: Jan 2021 (shelf-life extension thru Dec 2021/Jan 2022)

    • COA and pics available on request

    • Looking for a reasonable offer to take all

We also have IQF Mango out of Vietnam: Sweet Mango 20 mm diced  at $1.45/lb C&F West coast port or $1.24/lb for sour mango. 

Cob Corn: We can offer up to 10 loads of 96/3’’ cobb corn out of Egypt that I can deliver at $20.00 per case, Ex dock, duty paid  east coast.  Pics and specs available if interested. 

We have 70 000 lbs if IQF Riced Cauliflower, product of China available. It is in totes and can be delivered to any location in the NY/NJ/MD/PA area for $0.47/lb. We have pictures available if needed. 

We also have IQF MD2 pineapples from Costa Rica:


40LB Cartons

.90/lb Chunks 1/12

.91/lb Tidbits 1/16

CFR Montreal

40LB Cartons

.92/llb Chunks 1/12

.93/lb Tidbits 1/16

I have the following available FOB Oregon:
6/2 printed poly- $0.05/LB

6/2 clear poly- $0.58/LB
30LB- $0.52LB

Here are some Cauliflower offers that have been moved up the list as they all absolutely need to go!

Riced Cauliflower:  We have @75000 lbs in Michigan , Spanish origin, 2019 pack in two of Totes ready to ship prompt. .  We are looking for $0.53/lb on these FOB MI , but will listen to all reasonable offers for quick ship.  Subject to review and final approval    Pics
I have inventory in PA from a cancelled order.  12/2 Peas  12/2.5 Peas and carrots  12/2.5
Peas and Carrots 1 load at $.595 (MAB)
Peas $0.62 (MAB)
pics/specs available. Prices are negotiable for fast movement. 













Cauliflower:  One load of 20-40 Cauliflower Florets in Central New York which also need to go We would take $0.25/lb or best bid for this load, AS IS, WHERE IT LIES.  20 000 lbs is in good totes, and 20 000 lbs are in totes that have sustained some minor damage. If interested, I will send Photos and paperwork. These are product of Spain. 2019 pack. Call for more details!  Pics















Conventional Navy Beans – 21 MT totes
Organic Pinto Beans – 10 MT totes
These are FOB Trenton, ON, 2019 pack. Looking for offers. 

We have Frozen Shelled and unshelled Edamame from China. If interested, please let me know and we will quote for you. It would be packed in 10 kg ctns. 

If you are interested in any items on the list or have any items you would like some help moving, please contact us! Keep in mind, we are interested in LTL volumes too.
For more details on these items, or if you have another product you need help finding in the right place at the right price, please contact us at 613-962-3327
Don’t forget to check in with us for any of your Canadian Maple Syrup needs, Visit our  Our Maple Syrup page to learn more.
As a trader, we can't make anything happen without  you, so if you have any items you need to get moved, please send me offers, so we can help you clear your inventories.

Best Regards,

Neal Ford,
Trinity Trading,
180 Pine Street,
Belleville, ON. K8N 2N2

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