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Market Updates and Price List for June 3d  2024 

 You can read this on the website instead  by Clicking here 

Freight from China has dramatically increaded so pricing for product still not on the water has increased by $0.09/lb and is reflected in offeres below. 

We are looking to move following items  which are either from a program that was discontinued by the original buyer or close to the expiration date. 
Thank you.


(in stock)FOB Price $/lbPack yearBBD can extend toCOO

Lineage PasadenaPasadena, TX 77507IQF Mukimame1/40lbs1199CS0.957.20227.2025China

Lineage JacksonvilleJacksonville, FL 32209IQF Cut Green Beans1/30lbs3713CS0.50 11.202211.2025Egypt

Freezpak ChicagoBedford IL
60638IQF Chopped Spinach 1/2''1/40lbs2879CS0.451.2024 China

FreezpakElizabeth NJIQF Cauliflower Rice1349lbs80CS0.4510.2023 China

Assorted Mexican fruit:
Blackberries A: $0.86/lb FOB FOB Houston/Laredo or $1.02# delivered to any of these customers
Raspberries: A 90/10  $1.45/lb FOB Houston/Laredo or $1.60 deld Northeast or Northwest 
Dirty Crumble raspberries: $0.60/lb FOB Laredo

Strawberries: Product of Egypt. 
High Brix 9.5+
1620 x 30 lbs cs per load, Palletized
$0.78/lb ex dock NY. $0.83/lb Ex Dock West Coast. 

Strawberry puree seedless or with seeds:
In Drums or pails
$0.67/lb Ex dock NY, or $0.73/lb ex dock West Coast.

Blueberry Puree: We have 300 000 lbs of Blueberry Puree, packed in 28 lbs pails, that we can offer at $0.63/lb FOB BC. 
Produced from washed Fresh Blueberries. Photos available. 

IQF 1/2" cut Rhubarb in 30 lbs ctns , new crop, 1.20/lb FOB BC. 

IQF diced Garlic: We have 80000 lbs if IQF iced Garlic in 30 lbs cartons  1.85/lb FOB Houston.  Book now, before the are spoken for! Product of China

IQF diced Garlic: We have 12000 lbs if IQF iced Garlic in 30 lbs cartons  1.65/lb FOB Houston.  Product of China. .

We have IQF diced red peppers in Totes available that we can offer at $0.79/lb Delivered Seattle/Portland area. Product of China. Can ship now for mid late June delivery. 

Edamame Mukimame and Green peppers from China: 



DDP West coast

IQF ORG EDAMAME 1320LBS/TOTE40528001.09now is the season

IQF ORG MUKIMAME1350LBS/TOTE40540001.06now is the season

IQF MUKIMAME   1350LBS/TOTE40540000.94now is the season

IQF edamame1320LBS/TOTE40528000.95now is the season

IQF Green Pepper Strips 1190LBS/TOTE40476000.70End of July /beginning of  Aug

IQF Red Pepper Strips   1190LBS/TOTE40476000.82End of July /beginning of  Aug

IQF Diced green Pepper 3/8”612KG/TOTE40539670.68End of July /beginning of  Aug

IQF Diced Red Pepper 3/8”   612KG/TOTE40539670.79End of July /beginning of  Aug

We also have Chinese Broccoli Florets 1. Price: $0.78delivered West coast
2. Volume 5 container loads, 
3. Pack: 1,013 lbs per tote, 40 totes per container.
4. Delivery leading time: 6 weeks from  order.
5.  Sizing 1’ - 2’ .

We have a load of Grade A  IQF Egyptian strawberries , high brix available. Fruit is excellent, however packer used inferior packaging so we are dealing with crushed cases. We have pics of the fruit itself and of the extent of the crushed cartons. We are asking $0.90/lb FOB Northeast for these. 

IQF Diced onions and onion strips: 
We have organic onion at Jax warehouse, and conventional in Houston. All in 20 lbs. 2000cs/load.
$0.56/lb deliver to Jax for both. prompt delivery.

Onions: IQF Polish blanched diced Onions, 10x 10 mm, Can offer at $0.60/lb Ex Dock NY. 4 week lead time. 
We Also have a load of IQF diced Onions, Chinese origins available in Florida at $0.86/lb. 

All our inventory offers are found  near the bottom of this page  We have reduced prices on small lots we want to close out and lots where we have large volumes and those getting closer to their BB dates.  

Juice stock Wild Blueberries in totes, 2022 pack, we have 4 loads we would like to move and can offer them at a very reasonable price to clear out inventory. This product is in Maine, and  we are looking for offers..

Here is our updated inventory list as of today (May 29th 2024)


(in stock)Quantity
(on water)FOB Price $/lb

Lineage Houston Metro555 Aleen Street,Houston, Texas 77029IQF Sliced Yellow Peaches1/30lbs121CS 0.75

IQF Diced Yellow Peach1/30lbs300CS 0.75

IQF Blackberry1/30lbs40CS 0.85

IQF Raspberry Crumbles Mexico1/30lbs149CS 0.95

IQF Raspberry Crumbles China1/20lbs607CS 0.95

IQF Raspberry Whole Mexico1/28lbs570CS 2.56

 Lineage Houston ExpressHouston, TX 77078IQF Chopped Spinach 1/2''1/30lbs2963CS 0.75

IQF Chopped Spinach 1/4''1/30lbs179CS 0.75

IQF Diced Potato1/30lbs 140cs by early June

IQF Diced Red Onion 3/8''1/20lbs475CS 0.72

IQF Organic Diced White Onions1/20lbs0CS 0.00

IQF Diced White Onion 3/8''1/20lbs2415CS2775cs by early June

IQF Diced White Onion 1/4''1/20lbs847CS 0.69

IQF Diced Celery1/20lbs4167CS 0.72

IQF Sliced Waterchesnut1366lbs0CS500cs by mid Jul1.19

IQF Baby Corn Cut 20-40mm1323lbs0CS35 totes by mid Jul1.05

IQF Sliced Green Onions1/20lbs2066CS 0.83

IQF Sliced Green Onions1/22lbs109CS 0.83

IQF Diced Green Peppers 3/8''1/20lbs343CS2565cs by early June
2775cs by late June

IQF Sliced red pepper1/30lbs0CS 0.89

IQF Diced Red Peppers 3/8''1/20lbs172CS2775cs by early June
2775cs by early June 2405020.88

IQF Whole Peeled Garlic1/30lbs411CS520cs by mid June
500cs by early Jul

IQF Minced Garlic 1/8''1/30lbs3700CS1330cs by mid June

IQF Mukimame1/30lbs 1350 cs by late June

IQF Organic Mukimame1/30lbs239CS 1.29

IQF Edamame1/20lbs750CS 1.05

IQF Blackberry1/30lbs672CS 1.38

IQF Sliced Banana1/30lbs643CS 1.03

IQF Diced Mango 20mm1/20lbs109CS 1.32

IQF Pineapple Chunks1/30lbs808CS 1.35

IQF Raspberry Whole Mexico1/22lbs2200CS 2.56

IQF Raspberry Whole Mexico1/20lbs754CS 2.56

Lineage PasadenaPasadena, TX 77507IQF Mukimame1/40lbs1199CS 0.95

Lineage San AntonioSan Antonio, TX 78219IQF Blackberry1/30lbs80CS 1.38

IQF Blueberry1/30lbs437CS 1.57

Lineage DallasDallas TX 75241IQF White Diced Onions1/20lbs1629CS 0.62

IQF Blackberry1/20lbs4943CS 1.38

HOUSTON---BCSHouston, TX 77006IQF Sliced Yellow Peaches1/30lbs1043CS 0.75

Laredo Cold StorageLaredo, TX, 78045IQF Blueberry1/30lbs1210CS 1.57

US Cold Storage18728 FM 1472
Laredo, TX 78045IQF Blackberry1/30lbs2640CS 1.38

Lineage JacksonvilleJacksonville, FL 32209IQF Organic Diced Onions1/20lbs0CS 0.62

IQF Cut Green Beans1/30lbs3713CS 0.50

Freezpak ChicagoBedford IL
60638IQF Sliced Green Onions1/20lbs1855CS 0.81

IQF Sweet Potato1/20lbs300CS 0.83

IQF Chopped Spinach 1/2''1/40lbs2083CS 0.45

FreezpakElizabeth NJIQF Cauliflower Rice1349lbs80CS 0.45


  All labeling: Green Garden    

Subjet to final confirmation 

If you are interested in any items on the list or have any items you would like some help moving, please contact us! Keep in mind, we are interested in LTL volumes too.
For more details on these items, or if you have another product you need help finding in the right place at the right price, please contact us at 613-962-3327
Don’t forget to check in with us for any of your Canadian Maple Syrup needs, Visit our  Our Maple Syrup page to learn more.
As a trader, we can't make anything happen without  you, so if you have any items you need to get moved, please send me offers, so we can help you clear your inventories.

Best Regards,

Neal Ford,
Trinity Trading,
180 Pine Street,
Belleville, ON. K8N 2N2

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