Market Update and price list for June 14th  2021


Trinity Trading is your source for Frozen fruits and Vegetables, purees and concentrates, and Canadian Maple Syrup. 
Please find below a list of products we are offering, and actively seeking: 

Wild blueberry Juice Stock: We are pleased to offer the following: 66 totes of wild blueberry Juice stock , totalling 74314 lbs.  Pics and general specs are available as well as breakdown of the fruit. We are asking $0.63/lb FOB Maine.   2020 pack. 
Grade A  Cultivated blueberries n the west coast . These are being offered at $1.175/lb . 

We are still in the market for Grade B Cultivated blueberries, fully certified. Please contact me if you can help.  

New Crop cultivated is starting shortly (Yes, we are already halfway through June) Please get back to me soonest with your requirements on Southern blueberries. Please advise if you can us Rabbit eyes or need high bush. 

New crop wild is still a couple of months off, but there has been some damage in Quebec on account of frost with some reports indicating that up to 70 percent of the crop may be un doubt. 
Maine reports that all looks pretty normal so far, but are adding that some rain is desperately needed or that report may change. 
Let us know your needs now so we can do what we can to get you covered. 

Here are some Cauliflower offers that have been moved up the list as they all absolutely need to go!

Riced Cauliflower:  We have @75000 lbs in Michigan , Spanish origin, 2019 pack in two of Totes ready to ship prompt. .  We are looking for $0.53/lb on these FOB MI , but will listen to all reasonable offers for quick ship.  Subject to review and final approval    
















I have inventory in PA from a cancelled order. . Cauliflower  12/2 Peas  12/2.5 Peas and carrots  12/2.5
Cauliflower 1 load at $0.47
Peas and Carrots 1 load at $.595 (MAB)
Peas $0.62 (MAB)
pics/specs available. Prices are negotiable for fast movement. 

Cauliflower:  One load of 20-40 Cauliflower Florets in Central New York which also need to go We would take $0.25/lb or best bid for this load, AS IS, WHERE IT LIES.  20 000 lbs is in good totes, and 20 000 lbs are in totes that have sustained some minor damage. If interested, I will send Photos and paperwork. These are product of Spain. 2019 pack. Call for more details!  
















Looking for IQF Pineapple tidbits and chunks, preferably landed in North America, but will listen to offers from Costa Rica or elsewhere. 
If you have IQF raspberries or Blackberries, please let me know. 

Strawberries:: As California pricing heads through the roof (Some quotes at $140/lb for IQF medium)  Egyptian fruit is holding pretty steady, with only minor mark ups since last week, averaging $0.02/lb

We are pleased to offer  multiple loads of IQF EGYPTIAN  strawberries:  Lead time from order is 14-21 days. 

The first offers are Ex Dock NY.  We could arrange for inland, but that can be worked out if there is serious interest. Given the volatility of the current markt, prices subject to change. 

Uncalibrated 9 or higher brix count Whole Strawberries packed in 30 lb ctns... $.80/ lb 

Calibrated (20-35mm) 9 or higher brix count whole strawberries packed in 30 lb ctns... $.83/ lb. 

Uncalibrated brix count 7 to 8 whole strawberries packed in 30 lb ctns ... $.77// lb. 

The price to Seattle ex dock duty paid is as follows..

Calibrated (20-40mm) 9 or higher brix count whole strawberries packed in 30 lb ctns... $.87/ lb

Be prepared for higher pricing on peaches as Greece lost a significant part of its crop in a frost this year. Pricing should be similar to or just slightly higher than last year when a punitive duty applied.  Supply will be short, and likely spoken for quickly, so let us know what you might need. 

Garlic:new season in China is underway and we have our first offers in : Can offer IQF Whole blanched Garlic cloves in 10 kg ctns for USD $0.85/lb C&F East Coast, and $0.83 C&F West coast. 
Please let me know if this or any other cut may be of interest.

Conventional Navy Beans – 21 MT totes
Organic Pinto Beans – 10 MT totes
These are FOB Trenton, ON, 2019 pack. Looking for offers. 

Cherries:  We can offer Frozen Single Strength DSP cherry puree in 28 lbs pails for US $0.81/lb FOB BC. 

FTL of 1360cs. IQF Mango Chunks ¾” @ $0.975/lb FOB McAllen,TX border- Tommy Variety, Mexico 2021 crop- brix 12 and up.
FTL of 1360cs. IQF Mango Diced 3/8” @ $1.02//lb net to Trinity Trading FOB McAllen,TX border- Tommy Variety brix 11 and up.

IQF Peppers, Product of China:
IQF Red dices: $0.77/lb  C&F east coast (Deduct 2 cents for west coast) $0.47/lb FOB Qingdao 
IQF Red Strips: 0.78/lb  C&F east coast (Deduct 2 cents for west coast)$0.48/lb FOB Qingdao 
IQF Green dices:$0.65/lb  C&F east coast (Deduct 2 cents for west coast) $0.38/lb FOB Qingdao 
Prices are high because of scarcity of containers which is now at $14000/40' container from Chinese port to USA East coast port

IQF Diced Onions Product of China, price us USD $0.53/lb C&F east coast (Deduct 2 cents for west coast) $0.235/lb FOB Qingdao 

We are currently in the market for some IQF diced red peppers and green peppers, as well as red and green pepper strips. 2-4 loads of each. Please get in touch if you can help. The diced  would be in cartons and the strips in totes.  for July august shipment.  Full documentation including phytosanitary certificate will be required.  

If you have any blackberries or raspberries we are interested in speaking with you. 

We have the following purees available, which are getting close to expiration date. Make us a bid to move quickly. 








A  cake manufacturer has discontinued a product line.  So we are looking for a new home   for the ingredient below that they can no longer use internally.  Please let me know if you have any interest or need any additional information. Specs and COAs available . 

  • Orange Puree

    • 5-gallon pails

    • 28,480 pounds

      • 21,600 DOM 1/31/2020

      • 4,000 DOM 12/21/2018

      • 2,880 DOM 2/7/2019

    • Spec sheet and COA Available

Price is $1.00/lb FOB. 


If you are interested in any items on the list or have any items you would like some help moving, please contact us! Keep in mind, we are interested in LTL volumes too.
For more details on these items, or if you have another product you need help finding in the right place at the right price, please contact us at 613-962-3327
Don’t forget to check in with us for any of your Canadian Maple Syrup needs, Visit our  Our Maple Syrup page to learn more.
As a trader, we can't make anything happen without  you, so if you have any items you need to get moved, please send me offers, so we can help you clear your inventories.

Best Regards,

Neal Ford,
Trinity Trading,
180 Pine Street,
Belleville, ON. K8N 2N2

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