September 2nd 2020 update



Trinity Trading specializes in the procurement of frozen fruits, vegetables, juice concentrates and Canadian Maple Syrup.  i have been receiving quite a few offers on close outs for meat and poultry products lately. These can be found in the close out section at the bottom of the page. 
Please find below a listing of some of the products we have available, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the list, please call us, as we have other product available which we have been asked to not to post directly, and the connections to quickly locate exactly what you DO need.

Visit our website at to find out more Please keep in mind that we can, in many cases,  arrange for LTL orders, as well as consolidated mixed loads.  .
We update our website regularly.

ALL offers are subject to reconfirmation.

Here’s what’s new this week:

I have 3 loads of Grade A  cranberries  40 lbs ctns   available to ship from 2019 crop
We need $0.69/lb EXW Drummondville, QC area.  All will eventually be repacked into 40's, so if totes is what you need, let us know now. 

Product of USA

Specs and photos available if needed. 

We also have 44 drums of 7.5 brix single strength Cranberry Juice available. Specs available.  Looking for an offer, FOB FL

There are also 8 drums of Pomegranate juice. 14 brix.   Looking for an offer, FOB FL

I have 1 1/2  loads of IQF sliced apples, Cripps variety, product of Italy. These are late 2018 pack and we are looking for USD $0.38/lb FOB Georgia .  First come, first served.

IQF Clean Crumble Raspberries 160 000 lbs of IQF Clean crumble raspberries, product of Chile available in the southeast. Only issue is that there will be some whole and broken mixed in with the crumble. 
Asking $1.20/lb . Pics specs. etc available. 

Mango pricing is on the rise, as supplies dwindle. 

Here is what we currently have to offer on a truckload basis  cross dock Laredo/McAllen . 

IQF Mango chunks ¾”  @ 0.89$/lb in 30 lbs ctns
IQF Mango dice 3/8” @ 0.89$/lb in 30 lbs ctns
Iqf Mango pieces @ 0.69$/lb. in 30 lbs ctns
28 Brix Mango concentrate @ 0.66$/lb aseptic. in 420 Kgs. 

Subject to reconfiirmation we have : IQF Mango bits & pieces (off-cuts). We can offer these in cartons, for USD $0.58/lb FOB TX/MX border. Current pack. Multiple loads available. 

S/P Mango Sort Outs from Mexico!!  Packed in 10 kg pails, we have them in Central California (2018 pack) at $0.28/lb and some 2016-2017 pack  at the TX/MX border. For the TX product we are seeking offers

We have some lots in IL that we would like tio get sold. Make us a bid. We have paperwork. 

ItemQuantity (LBS)Pack Size (LBS)Age of Purchase

IQF Organic Gala Apple, 1/4" diced2529408 months


IQF Organic Broccoli Florets, 20 - 40mm4173409 months

IQF Organic Pear, 3/8" dice3740409 months

IQF Organic Blueberries919309 months


Straight pack clean blackberries i re used pails, Grade B $0.71/lb @ $0.49/lb,ib FOB TX/MX border.

New Crop Cultivated Blueberries: We can offer Full loads of Grade A cultivated Blueberries at $0.90/lb FOB MI.  For offers on 2019 and earlier product, please see further down the page. 

From Egypt: 
IQF medium strawberries (2--50 mm, in 30 lbs ctns for USD $0.83lb current  pack, FOB PA 2
Frozen NC Strawberry puree, in drums $0.35/lb or best bid  FOB East Coast product of USA, 2019  production   2 ,loads left!!!!!

IQF sliced red rhubarb. I have a load in BC That I can offer at USD $0.68/lb 

IQF Broccoli Floret Small ¾-1 ¼¨ in 30 LBS/Case

: $0.70/lb FOB Laredo

4+1 Stabilized Strawberries: 
We have 1 full load of these strawberries available for $0.65/lb FOB CA. They are packed 6/6.5 lbs  COAs available. 

.Blueberries: We got some offers on 2018 and 2019 crop Cultivated Blueberries from Michigan. 

Almost a  truckload of 3 to 400 ct . Gr a . 2019, asking $0.80/lb

  • Grade A – Large > ½”

    • 2 loads – 1320 cases/ 39,600 lbs. each

    • $.80/lb

  • Grade A – Small < ½”

    • 5 loads – 1320 cases/39,600 lbs. each

    • $.80/lb.

  • Grade B – Small < ½’

    • 5 loads – 1320 cases/39,600 lbs. each

    • $.74/lb.


All are FOB central Michigan, and subject to final confirmation. 
from Serbia: 

Pumpkin Puree: Lead time about 5 weeks.
Variety – Dickinson.
12MT in drums, 3MT in wax lined cartons – we can explain how these can be used but in essence it requires a short defrost of a couple of hours or so and then the cartons can be opened, emptied like an ice cube and the packaging folds flat for disposal. No poly to worry about for entrapment or recycling.
Price is $0.53/lb C&F East Coast.

Apple Juice Concentrate: landed in USA

AJC 1.0-1.8 Acid min 35
From China 
Bins 7.90/gal we split .30/gal
Drums 7.80/gal we split .30/gal
From Turkey
 1.0-1.8 Acid min 35
Drums 7.85 per gallon 
Both are FOB Northeast

Aseptic Apple Puree, High Acid 20 brix.  There are at least three loads avilable, packed in totes, Product of Argentina. 
Seller is looking for offers FOB Upstate New York. 
best before date is April/May 2021.  Reason for sale: Discontinued product line.  We have specs and COAs available. 

Wild Blueberries, US origin, Organic, Grade A. We have a couple of loads from 2019 pack available in Maine right now at $1.80/lb. Packed in 30's. 



Clean 30lb  IQF Raspberry Crumble @ $0.75/lb TX/MX border.
Straight pack clean raspberries in drums @ $0.60/lb TX/MX border


We have  IQF Peruvian Kent  Mango Bits and pieces. Current pack, in  10kg cartons , FOB CA. They are being offered to me at .56/lb FOB 

Riced Cauliflower: We have 75000 lbs in Michigan , Spanish origin, 2019 pack in Totes or cartons as per your preference.  We are looking for  bid on these for prompt shipment. 

We also have a load of 20-40 Cauliflower Florets in Central New York which also need to go We would take $0.45/lb for these.  20 000 lbs is in good totes, and 20 000 lbs are in totes that have sustained some minor damage. If interested, I will send Photos and paperwork. These are also product of Spain. 2019 pack.

We have Lots of great deals on French Fries to offer, various cuts, Great prices in the North western USA Please let us know what you need. 

IQF Rhubarb: 1 load of POLISH IQF packed in 30 lbs ctns. Price is $0.71/lb FOB California

We have plenty of other fruits and vegetables to offer not listed here, both conventional and Organic. Please let me know.

Blueberries: Wild blueberries We are looking forward to offering new pack pricing within a few days. 
Cultivated, New Crop pricing coming shortly , but in the meantime we have the following from 2019 to offer. 

New offers:
Cranberry Juice Concentrate: 

2018 & 2019 Cranberry Juice Concentrate for 12.95/gallon FOB WI.


We also have some loads that are below average for color (i'm told its not visible) that we can do for $11.50.

Close outs: 

IQF Sugar Snap peas product of China in 30 lbs ctns,  $0.29/lb FOB CA, or best bid  2019 pack
IQF Edamame product of China  In totes Make a bid, FOB Arkansas 2016-17 pack
Block Frozen Grade B Peaches product of China in 10 kgs ctns   Asking $0.15/lb . This is ideal for distillers, not for repack.2019 pack 0.15 won't do it? Tell us what will. 

IQF Broccoli stalk, Product of Guatemala, 2018 pac8, atv $0.28/lb . We have lots in totes in NJ and PA, and Ctns in NJ  2018 pack

Meat and Poultry: Check back next week, or visit website regularly for updates: 

If you are interested in any items on the list or have any items you would like some help moving, please contact us! Keep in mind, we are interested in LTL volumes too.
For more details on these items, or if you have another product you need help finding in the right place at the right price, please contact us at 613-962-3327
Don’t forget to check in with us for any of your Canadian Maple Syrup needs, Visit our  Our Maple Syrup page to learn more.
As a trader, we can't make anything happen without sytand with ou, so if you have any items you need to get moved, please send me offers, so we can help you clear your inventories.

Best Regards,

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