Trinity Trading Market and Price Update March 11th 2020

Trinity Trading specializes in providing frozen fruits, Vegetables , juice concentrates & purees and Canadian maple syrup.  We hope you enjoy the updates we provide on a weekly basis and look forward to having the opportunity to provide you with competitively priced products and superior service. 

Strawberries: We have pricing on Egyptian and Mexican strawberries this week. The needle has moved downward on both origins, however, in the case of the  Egyptian fruit, it is mostly still overseas and requires a 3-4 week lead time. We do have one load here in North America now, and there may be some negotiation room on the price. Mexican fruit has come down slightly since last week on account  of an influx of raw material which packers want to take advantage of. 
prices are below: 

IQF 3/8" diced Strawberries 30 lbs $0.98 MCAllen, TX Mexico 2020

IQF 1/2" sliced strawberries 30 lbs $0.94 MCAllen, TX Mexico 2020

IQF Strawberries  Gr B. Uncalibrated30 lbs$0.94MCAllen, TXMexico2020

IQF Strawberries Medium 30 lbs$0.94MCAllen, TXMexico2020

4+1 small whole strawberries 30 lbs$0.74MCAllen, TXMexico2018

4+1 whole small Strawberries 4+130 LBS$0.95MCAllen, TXMexico2020

IQF Strawberries uncalibrated30 lbs$0.74PAEgypt2019

IQF Strawberries medium10 kgs$0.79Ex dock NYEgypt2020

IQF Strawberries Large10 kgs$0.70Ex dock NYEgypt2020

IQF Strawberries uncalibrated 10 kgs$0.68Ex dock NYEgypt2020

IQF Strawberries30 lbs$1.00C&F  NYChile2020

ABlueberries: Wild blueberries are in short supply at the moment. Most northeast packers are either sold out or are in a position where all their fruit is committed. However we do still have some supply and can quote on a case by case basis, so please contact me if you need any before new pack, and we can discuss how to move forward. 
Cultivated, on the other hand is readily available. See our list below for some of what we have available. 

IQF Cultivated Blueberries Gr. A30 lbs$0.86MIUSA2019

IQF Cultivated Blueberries30 lbs$0.88C&F NYChile2019

IQF Cultivated Blueberries Gr.A30 lbs$0.81ONUSA2018

IQF Cultivated Blueberries Gr. B30 lbs$0.64MIUSA2018

IQF Cultivated Blueberries Gr. C30 lbs$0.62MIUSA2018

Organic Cultivated Blueberries13.6kgs$1.03CAArgentina2020

From China: It's business as usual in China again, and the backlog of containers at the ports is fast moving toward resolution. So we are please to offer some vegetables from China. 

IQF diced Onionstotes$0.35Ex Dock NYChina2019

IQF Green Asparagus Spearscartons$1.43Ex dock NYChile2020

IQF Green Asparagus Spearscartons$1.52Ex dock NYChina2020

IQF Sliced Water chestnutsCartons$0.90Ex dock NYChina2019

Here are some random vegetable items  we are offering at the moment .  We would entertain bids on most of these. 

IQF Broccoli stalk ctns$0.27NJGuatemala2018

IQF Broccoli StalkTotes$0.30PAGuatemala2018

IQF Broccoli Stalktotes$0.27NJGuatemala2018

IQF Red pepper stripsctnsMABNJChina2018

IQF 3/8" roasted Red pepper strips40 lbs$0.40CAMexico2018

IQF Red pepper stripstotesMABNJChina2018

IQF Sugar Snap peasCartons$0.29CAChina2019



​​​​Here are some fruit items we have on liquidation. With regard to the peaches, this is best for a distiller or winemaker. 

Organic Aseptic Pumkin PureetotesMABDeldUSA2018

IQF Asian Pear Slices10 kgs$0.29CAChile2018

Block frozen Gr. B peaches10 kgs$0.15MontrealChina2019    

Frozen NC Strawberry pureedrums$0.35East CoastUSA2019

If you are interested in any items on the list or have any items you would like some help moving, please contact us! Keep in mind, we are interested in LTL volumes too.
For more details on these items, or if you have another product you need help finding in the right place at the right price, please contact us at 613-962-3327
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