Bulk Chicken 

•We bring to the table 10 separate farming locations with excellent biosecurity

•Our Chickens are raised and processed in Brazil

•We have  knowledge of local conditions, excellent water resources,

•A self feed  system in place, a dedicated work force

•Unlike most producers, due to our ground--‐up approach and total control over our

•supply, feed and input costs, we can deliver a true 5--‐10--‐year fixed price

•We make a wide range of the best tasting Chicken

•São Gabriel Food Group, through multiple business divisions, supplies numerous large

•suppliers, including:

•• Sysco since 2006

•• Tyson since 2007

•• ComTrade since 2006

•• Colabar Distribution since 2012

•• GSF Food since 2012

•• Dollarama since 2009

•• Jean Coutu Pharmacy Chain since 2009

•• Pharmaprix since 2005

•• Giant Tiger since 2012

•• BMR Distribution since 2017

•These various supply agreements allow us to balance a full production schedule. Due to farm

•to factory/processing plant or abattoir deboning plant, São Gabriel can meet any customer

•need by tailoring products to your exact specification --‐ either branded or private label. We

•can increase capacity and scale up over 12--‐24 months to meet any demand.

•Simply put, we replace many hats with many hands under one hat. 

Our Offer is as follows:Prices are C&F NY. 

Whole Brazilian  chicken except  feet and heads. 1840 per ton. Birds average 1.3 to 1.5kg


Chicken parts ( ie breast, High thighs etc 2350 Per ton ) shelf life for frozen is usually 8 - 14 months

Here are the cuts of poultry we can offer : 


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